Holistic ID offers a results oriented process for tuning our home & subconscious mind with our values, desires & intentions, accelerating our vision of an ideal life.

We are under the influence of whatever our home communicates.

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~ Identify what you want ~Address the obstacles, then ~Align your internal environment (mind) & external environment (dwelling) accordingly

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Our home communicates a silent language with our subconscious mind.

Understand the language & we tap into the potential home holds for our life.

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Our home reflects the life we're actively creating

Tune your home to communicate the life you most desire..

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YOU OCCUPY TWO HOMES~ Your External Home (your dwelling) & Your Internal Home (your mind).

The two are in a symbiotic relationship with one another & constantly communicate via the senses using a hidden language. When you understand the language your home speaks, you tap into a new potential for your life.  


HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN is a dynamic new approach to home unique to who you are and what you most desire.

It's a simple and effective process for tuning your mind & home in unison to the values, intentions & desires you hold most dear. 

. . .

Harness the potential your home holds for accelerating your ideal life.

Are you ready to make space in your life for what you most want?

Are you excited to wake up to your life each morning?

Does your home feel like a reflection of you?

Does your home encourage & support your goals, intentions & desires?

Does your home speak to your idea of an "ideal" life?

Do you feel engaged & inspired by your home and life?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, Holistic ID was made for you! Check out my design services and products for tuning your home to a life you're excited to live! 

Yes! I am ALL IN!!!

If you're ready to go after a life you LOVE & put your home to work toward your best life...these products were made just for you!


“Creating space…. that’s become so important to me in my life; space for energy, and personal places that inspire me to connect to ‘my’ world. Working within Kimberly's format, I now understand how potent the impact is in my life. Embracing Kimberly’s unique approach to connecting my life to my living spaces has durably shifted my home and world with qualities I could never have imagined until working with her. Dip your toe in here. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

Matthew T.Corporate Executive & Founder of NonProfit

I have worked with Kimberly on several projects and, long-story-short, I love her work. She has approached my home and surroundings in a personal and intimate way. She has used my cherished things and brought them out for daily enjoyment as well as made space useful, fun and peaceful, while creating additional space that was unusable before. On top of the beautiful & personalized environment Kimberly has achieved in these projects, the best thing is that I have grown to love her and enjoy working with her so much.

Caroline M.Attorney

“I first asked Kimberly to help me recreate our apartment as a gift for my partner, but after she worked her magic it was clear that an orderly flowing space is a huge benefit to my own creativity as well. In less than 9 months I’ve written an albums worth of songs & started a book I had put off for years. I’ve been entertaining like I’ve always wanted. Home is now inviting! I used to have to go to the coffee shop to work, I thought our place was too small, but the truth is it was blocked. Thanks Kimberly for all your magic and intuition!”

Daniel B.Singer, Songwriter

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